<transcy>MASALA CHAII</transcy>


Masala Chaii was founded in 2008 by Anjali Poulsen, who has previously been responsible for many years of design and production in the Scandinavian fashion industry. The typical Masala-Chaii customer is the modern customer with a passion for individualism and the timeless product that can be used through several seasons instead of a trend. Masala-Chaii products do not compromise on quality and aesthetics - the majority of the products are made from recycled materials and are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The products are therefore unique and made of cotton, silk and all are hand-embroidered with Indian kantha stitches. Kantha stitches are rows of tiny stitches / stitches from edge to edge. These unique sari vintage pillows, cushions, quilts and sari rugs are handmade vintage in recycled materials.

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