When Julie Wittrup became pregnant with her daughter five years ago, she also decided to live out her dream of creating clothes in knitwear - and she has been doing so ever since under the name Mynilla Knitwear. The name is a tribute to her daughter Vanilla My. She is the reason why Julie in her time learned to knit. At the same time, her knitwear is playful and colorful, and of course it is also a reference to the daughter. Her designs can be recognized by their unique color combinations and quirky and eye-catching embroidered details. For Julie, every piece of clothing she creates is a small work of art in itself - text and motifs in embroidery, exciting colors or other fun details mean that you can not help but look at them, and like to spot something enjoy every time. As with art, it is also the intention that Julie's clothes should live forever, be taken care of and be inherited.

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