• <transcy>Candle holder / Brass</transcy>
  • <transcy>Candle holder / Brass</transcy>
  • <transcy>Candle holder / Brass</transcy>

Candle holder / Brass

The brass candlestick is the most exclusive member of the STOFF Nagel family. The candlestick is considered a work of art - a personal statement and malleable sculpture, ready to take the form of the owner's unique creativity. Combine it with the rest of the STOFF Nagel collection, and use it with candlelight or simply as a decorative sculpture.

Cleaning and maintenance:

The brass candlestick is made of solid brass and will patina over time. You can easily remove wax residue and yellow oxidation by placing the brass candlestick in warm water with a little citric acid and a drop of detergent. Once you have removed the wax residue, you can polish the candlestick with brass polish to remove oxidation or small stains and get the shiny look back.

Dimensions: h: 6.5 cm D: 10.2 cm