• <transcy>Drip Candel Holder, Gold // XL</transcy>
  • <transcy>Drip Candel Holder, Gold // XL</transcy>
Pols Potten

Drip Candel Holder, Gold // XL

The ultimate candlestick. A work of art in itself, and absolutely wildly beautiful on the shelf in the window sill, or on the dining table.

L11 x W18 x H50 cm

Design: Pascal Smelik

Designer Pascal Smelik is fascinated by the concept of deformity. He takes on the challenge of the experiment, including the risks and so-called errors that are part of this process. As proof of this, Smelik used liquid wax in cold water to first create a wax model. Together with pols potten studio, he developed a method to produce the exciting ‘Drip’ series, available in nickel and brass plated candlesticks and lamps.

Bare mega wauw!

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