• Helle Skaarup Studio / Artwork / 50x70
  • Helle Skaarup Studio / Artwork / 50x70

Helle Skaarup Studio / Artwork / 50x70

Framed Quilt Artwork


size: 50x70


Helle Skaarup Studio is founded by designer Helle Skaarup, who after several years in the Danish fashion scene now has devoted her work to focus on the craftsmanship, the material and the slow production.

Since graduating from Designskolen Kolding, fashion has been the center of the playful aesthetics of Helle Skaarup's universe.

Now Helle Skaarup is back to the core - the craftsmanship - where she is creating a new dreamy and poetic expression of the classic embroidery. A kaleidoscope of colors with a modern and naive design, that she applies to bedspreads, multifunctional quilts, kimonos and wall art pieces.

The vision of Helle Skaarup Studio is driven by the love for creating true craftsmanship and products that are long lasting, using durable materials, and produced with no waste. A vision in clear contrast to the mass production in the fashion industry, that she used to be part of. Time has come to set a new agenda and create sustainable initiatives for the future - this is just the beginning.

Every single product (piece) has been handcrafted. The embroideries are the results of a time consuming process and Helle Skaarup Studio only produce on demand to avoid waste. The product delivery time depends on this and will be variable.