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Personal cookbook with young, varied and unpretentious food and baked goods that are at once artistic and down to earth.

Artist and Baking Contest winner Frederikke Legaard became nationally known for her wild cakes and her artistic approach to the confectionery profession, but that she can also make insanely delicious food, she shows in this combined cook and baking book, which she herself has written, photographed and drawn. It's all at home in her own five square meter kitchen.

Favorite dishes with inspiration from around the world
Frederikke has been cooking and her own recipes since she was very young. "Cooking" is her collection of favorite dishes, cakes and desserts, spiced with personal stories, sketches and great tips. She describes the book as a small encyclopedia of little treasures that she hopes others will like as well.

Frederikke finds inspiration for her food and cakes both outside and at home. It's on a stay abroad in New York, she has perfected her donuts, and in Hong Kong she has learned how to make the world's best dumplings, while it is from her grandmother that she has learned the art of baking.

Recipes for both sweet and salty
The book is divided into a sweet and a salty section with subheadings such as "Breakfast pastries", "Cold dishes", "Hot dishes" and " My favorites". It is both aesthetic and uncomplicated, because Frederikke can and prioritizes both.

There are examples of the fantastic cakes that toppled Denmark when she was on screen during the Baking Contest, but also very simple recipes for quick and easy dinners. It's all accompanied by hand-drawn guides and step-by-step drawings.

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