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Osteria 16

In 2014, the restaurant Osteria 16 opened in Vesterbro in Copenhagen. The place was founded by friends chef Morten Kaltoft and artist Emil Alsbo. Here are no snobby waiters and press-folded napkins, but honest, Italian food served family style so the whole table shares. Osteria 16 is the modern Italian cuisine where everyone can join in.

Osteria 16 - Cookbook is Morten Kaltoft and Emil Alsbo's first cookbook. It contains 80 simple and original Italian dishes - divided into antipasti, polenta, pasta, risotto, pizza, bread, dessert and classic Italian basic recipes. The starting point is a few high-quality ingredients and seasonal ingredients. In Osteria 16's kitchen, each ingredient can be tasted. The book's many small dishes are simple and unpretentious, but stylish and full of flavor. It is food that is easy to go to and that speaks to the senses.

Morten Kaltoft has previously worked at the Michelin-starred restaurant Era Ora, and his solid experience is not denied in the easily accessible recipes. The book offers the dishes that make the restaurants popular and well-attended. Try eg raw marinated lobster tails with anchovies and chili sauce , linguine with sea urchin , risotto with radicchio and red wine or lemon pie with meringue .

The pictures in Osteria 16 - Cookbook were taken by Emil Alsbo, and show both dishes, restaurant and classic Italian market atmosphere. The result is a cookbook at eye level and a visual diary from one of Copenhagen's most successful restaurants in recent years. Foreword by Kristoffer Dahy Ernst, Editor-in-Chief of Euroman.


Dim: 19 × 2.3 × 24 cm

Pages: 296

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