• <transcy>PF CANDLES CO. / Diffuser - Teakwood &amp; Tobacco</transcy>
  • <transcy>PF CANDLES CO. / Diffuser - Teakwood &amp; Tobacco</transcy>

PF CANDLES CO. / Diffuser - Teakwood & Tobacco

Beautiful fragrance sticks from American PF CANDLES CO, in fine brown glass, with natural-colored label. Set the delicious scents in the bathroom, in the living room, in the hallway or where you just need a delicious aroma.

Full-bodied and complex scent. with notes of leather, pepper and tobacco and a base of teak and sandalwood. The scent has a delicious touch of o range and patchouli, which makes it the bestselling scent, in men and women.

Top: orange, leather, tobacco, amber, musk Heart: black tea, black pepper Base: sandalwood, teak, cedar, patchouli.

Shelf life: 2-3 months.

Turn the scent sticks every 2 weeks to get the best aroma. We only recommend using 3-4 sticks in the bottle.