Be inspired by a world full of organization and systems in beautiful pastel colors from AYKASA. The new brand, AYKASA, is a design brand created to make your storage lighter and more beautiful. Use AYKASA in a creative way. For flowers, storage, children's room, flowers, cutlery, etc. The beautiful boxes are offered in different colors and sizes that fit into every home. Decorate the boxes to your needs - for your aesthetic pleasure. The functional boxes are available in many beautiful colors and sizes, they are easy to unfold and use and provide a good saving of space as they do not take up much space. The boxes can be easily folded out and together and easy to put away after use. The material is hard plastic that makes them durable and durable even at high loads, and if you do not have room for them at home, use them in the office, for outdoor use, in the car, in a warehouse, or wherever you see the possibility of a smart storage solution.