<transcy>ENVII X FABREK</transcy>


FABREK has teamed up with ENVII. Envii´'s feminine universe merges with Fabrek's whimsical interior in a pastel-colored quirky collection of floral must-have dresses, beautiful posters and the finest 'knick-knacks' you just have to own. The collaboration started when Envii's print designer, Ida Katrine Skjelbo, developed a beautiful hand-drawn signature print in collaboration with Ann-Sophie. Based on this, Ann-Sophie designed 3 unique posters with inspiration in the colors and shapes of the floral print. As an add-on to the collection, you can also buy boxes, hand-dripped candles, delicious linen pillows and handmade glasses in a limited edition, which supports the beautiful pastel-colored universe in all Envii's stores.