<transcy>THE CLAY PLAY</transcy>


The Clay Play contains a myriad of unique works of art with pastel beautiful colors and playful shapes that we love at Fabrek. The artist behind it is Annemette Klit, who has a great love for ceramics and good craftsmanship.

Annemette also works with watercolors and perhaps the collection contains colors that are combined in a new and fun way in both flags, cups, bowls and much more. The idea behind The Clay Play ceramics is to create personal belongings that give rise to cosiness, good times, joy and that you will love to have in your home.

The Clay Play includes modern flags for the birthday table or the newly hatched student, beautiful and angular bowls and colorful cups for your morning coffee. Make your home personal with your favorite ceramics - and make everyday life a little more playful and delicious.

Be inspired and find the most beautiful pottery from The Clay Play below

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