<transcy>SUI AVA</transcy>


Shop the modern brand Sui Ava at FABREK. Sui Ava is one of the brand new players in the market in jewelry and accessories in terms of following fashion trends. Sui Ava is good at creating the feminine and fashionable expression in high quality at good prices. All designs are created with special care and contain lots of personality with fine whimsical and colorful details. Their expression is especially expressed when you combine it with a colorful outfits. Their design is created to sparkle with joy and good energy. Their many collections that follow seasons and trends. The designer behind Sui Ava is a woman named Sissel. The name Sui Ava comes from her daughters Sui and Ava, who have inspired her to take chances in life. Therefore, in 2017, she quit her permanent job, and pursued the dream of becoming a jewelry designer. Previously, she had more than 15 years of experience from the fashion industry, which of course has given her a style-conscious understanding of thinking creatively and spotting new trends. Although it is the interior that counts, a beautiful wrapping completes the joy of a new piece of jewelry. Therefore, all designs from Sui Ava are delivered as small surprising treasures in fine and sparkling jewelry boxes.

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